Forklift Driving Qualification




Forklift Counterbalance Certificate - This qualification is aimed at learners who currently work or want to work in Logistics or the Construction industry.


It is a legal requirement for employers to ensure that all staff receive adequate information, instruction, training and supervision for the purposes of health and safety (The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974)


Who is this qualification for?


Anyone wishing to work in a Warehouse, Distribution Centre or on a Construction site using a forklift truck


Why is this qualification important?


It enables individuals to meet specific operating standards, in turn allowing them to successfully pass the associated practical and theory tests


Assessment is via a theory and practical test


Qualification content


· The Operator’s Safety Code

· Starting, moving and stopping the truck

· Equipment stability

· Steering, the hydraulic system and refuelling/ recharging

· Controls and instruments

· Pre-use inspection and takeover maintenance

· Weight assessment

· Handling laden and unladen pallets / load handling

· Stacking and de-stacking

· Vehicle loading and unloading