Driver CPC Courses

 1. What is Driver CPC?
Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is being introduced across the European union to maintain high driving standards and improve road safety. All professional bus, coach and lorry drivers must hold a Driver CPC if they want to drive for a living. 

2. How will it affect me?
As a new driver from the above dates, you will need to pass the Driver CPC theory and practical tests in addition to the licence acquisition theory and practical tests if you intend to drive professionally. Once you have passed theses tests you will also need to undergo ongoing periodic training to keep your Driver CPC qualification. NB: any drivers of lorries of 3.5 tons and upwards, and minibuses with 9 seats or more must obtain a Driver CPC.

The existing ‘Transport Manager’s CPC’ also known as the ‘Operator’s CPC’ is a seperate qualification and anyone holding one who still drives professionally as part of their job will also need to hold a Driver CPC. 

3. If you already hold
a C, C1, CE, C1E, D*, D1*, DE* or D1E* licence issued before these dates you will have ‘aquired rights’ and will not be required to take the initial qualification, however; both new and existing drivers will be required to complete periodic training.

*Those who have an entitlement on their licence stating ‘not for hire or reward’(code 101) will not have acquired rights and will have to take the initial qualification should they wish to drive professionally.

Initial Training Theory Test

( Module 1) CPC Case Study Test

(Module 2) Practical Driving Test

(Module 3) CPC Practical Demonstration Test

( Module 4) Vehicle Hire for Module 4

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