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Plant operator
As a construction plant operator, you provide a valuable service to the construction industry. You can be working on all types of construction projects, including housing, factories, offices, roads, bridges, airports and many others. As a plant operator you could be operating one type of machine or a variety of machines during your lifetime such as earthmoving, lifting, processing, access and road construction equipment.

Potential diverse tasks you could be involved in

  • Prepare building sites
  • Digging shallow holes and trenches
  • Digging foundations
  • Loading dumpers and trucks
  • Stock piling materials
  • Demolition of buildings
  • Lifting steel work and other products
  • Lifting and placing pallets and mortar tubs
  • Lifting roof trusses
  • Clearing ground and levelling
  • Cut and fill work
  • Compaction of materials
  • Laying of materials
  • Transporting equipment
  • Slinging loads
  • Crushing and screening materials
  • Accessing work at height
  • Using hand and power tools

As stated your role provides a valuable service to the construction industry but in order to sustain this valuable service you will need to have received adequate training specific to your work to ensure that you work safely and without risk to yourself and others. Training also keeps you up to date with current Health & Safety to ensure you follow proper recognised procedures on site.

Categories of general courses

  • Safety Awareness Plant Operator
  • Safety Awareness Construction Skills Certification Scheme
  • 180 Degree Excavator/Loader
  • 360 Degree Excavator Above and Below 5 Tonnes
  • Shovel Loader Wheeled and Tracked Skid Steer Loader
  • Dump Trucks Above and Below 10 Tonnes
  • Site Dumpers Forward Tipping
  • Rough Terrain Forklifts/Telescopic Handlers
  • Industrial Counterbalance Fork Lift Trucks
  • Reach Fork Trucks
  • Side Loader Fork Truck
  • Fork Lift Safety Supervisors/Managers
  • Tracked/Wheeled Dozers
  • Tracked Crane
  • Truck Mounted/Wheeled Crane
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (Scissors/Boom/Mast Climber)
  • Lorry Loaders
  • Lifting Tackle Inspection (LOLER)
  • Slinger/Signaller
  • Overhead Electric Travelling Crane Cab mounted
  • Pendant Crane
  • Electric and non Electric Chain Block Hoist with Slinging and Signalling
  • Tug Master Course
  • Driving Assessments up to and including Class One
  • Vehicle and Machine Recovery Techniques
  • Lifting Supervisor Crane Course
  • Tower Scaffold
  • Vehicle Banksman
  • Fall Protection and the safe use of Safety Harnesses
  • Vehicle Safety Course (Tie Down)
  • Loading of Plant onto a Transporter

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