Forklift Trainers at work

Forklift operator training at ALM takes place in three distinct stages, in the classroom, on simulators and hands on, driving the forklift trucks, in our warehouse training area.

This short film shows our training team working in all of these situations. 



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About Us

ALM Training Services Ltd. is one of the most respected driver training companies in the country, delivering a high standard of training since 1993.

Business Awards Winner 2014 
Logistics & Distribution category

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Driver CPC Courses in Essex

Driver CPC Courses

What is CPC Driver Certification and who needs it?

Vehicle Driver  Training Simulator

Vehicle Simulation Training

We emlpoy the latest technology to train to the highest standards.

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Driver Training Centres

We're adding more driver training centres every year.

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Construction Courses

We cover all aspects of plant machinery training courses.

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ALM in association with European Social Fund, Europe's instrument for helping and ensuring EU citizens find jobs.

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